Fishing with us you can expect a different experiance than most guides. Our goal in the morning in not to just put our customers on a limit of fish and take you back to the dock. We spend quility time educating our guest on the tactics and tequniques used during our fishing trip. Our guest are incouraged to get involved, selecting trolling baits and colors, setting rods, reading graphs and more. No experiance needed, thats what we are there for! There are plenty of unique sites to see along lake Erie shores such as the "First Energy staduim" home of the cleveland browns, Cedar point, and many more. 






      Our marine work is second to none. With over 16 years in the electrical insdustry and 18+ years as a boat owner I would like to say I've seen it all but we all know how that goes. Specializing in custom rigging and electronics we get asked to tackle some unique task along the way and always are able to come up with a solution to what our customers are looking for. Weather your looking for general maintenance work or have bigger plans in mind you've come to the right place. 




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